Vitamins & Supplements: Are They Really Bad For Us?

vitamins supplements

However, approximately 30,000 men still die every year secondary to the disease. To that end, dedicated research has sought to examine possible ways to prevent this cancer. Over the past few decades, there has been a prevailing belief that vitamin supplementation will improve our health by increasing vitality, decreasing cancer risk and helping to fend off other common health problems. In the U.S. alone, vitamins and minerals represent a multibillion dollar industry. Marketing has supported these ideas, however research has been sparse. A recent study sought to further explore the relationship between the effects of vitamin E and selenium on prostate cancer.
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FDA Cracks Down on Placenta Products

5 to say that it is still expecting between $54 million and $60 million in revenue this year. Dr. Stephen Badylak, who heads a regenerative medicine laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh, said placental tissue is somewhat mysterious, but it does actually have healing properties. “There are so many goodies in these naturally occurring materials that it’s virtually impossible to isolate a particular growth factor and say that’s what’s making a wound heal quicker,” Badylak said. Still, human placenta cells could potentially carry greater health risks than placental cells from pigs or cows, which are sometimes used in other products, because they can spread human viruses and bacteria, Badylak said.
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