Eat More, Weigh Less? Study Provides Clues For New Fat-loss Therapies In Humans

Is society marketing the wrong weight loss regimen? (Video)

If you take away the adrenaline-like component of the signaling, the serotonin still works but the efficacy is greatly reduced, Srinivasan told The same is true for the adrenalin-like signalingEach part of the circuit, or each neurotransmitter, requires the other. Furthermore, Srinivasan was able to confirm that altering serotonin and adrenaline facilitated weight loss in worms regardless of how much food they were consuming. We found that the receptors that control feeding behavior are distinct and separate from the ones that control fat loss, Srinivasan said. The reason you see fat loss in serotonin-treated Garcinia Cambogia Extract animals is because they are burning more fat and expending more energy. Though human applications for these findings are still speculative, Srinivasan notes that the study might help pave the way for better weight loss drugs in the future. In fact, the now-banned weight loss drug Fen-Phen was a serotonin-plus-adrenaline-boosting therapy, according to Srinivasan.
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Eating Fat Doesnt Make you Fat For years our dietary habits have been based on an outdated belief that eating fat makes you fat and that low fat diets are the way to lose weight and improve health. Logically you could say it makes sense, eat less fat and you lose body fat, but scientifically it doesnt work. Fat is not the bad boy we have been left to believe. In a landmark study by Professor Kekwick at the University of London, two groups of patients were put on a low 1000 calorie a day diet. The first groups 1000 calories consisted of 90% fat and the second groups consisted of 90% carbohydrate. What happened?
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